Top 10 UnBranded Smartwatches under 1999 in India

Top 10 UnBranded Smartwatches under 1999 in India

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There was a time when people use to wear Smartwatches just to keep track of time. But as usual Apple and Samsung have bought a trend where they made watches Smarter. Let’s have a glimpse of the top 10 UnBranded Smartwatches under 1999 on Amazon.

These Smartwatches are unbranded but yet they have a lot of features, Let’s dive into them.

There are a lot of Smartwatches which are floating in India market, But let me show you some of the best smartwatches in India under the price tag of 1999.

  1. T55 Smartwatch – 1279
  2. T500 + 1995
  3. W26+
  4. T55+ 1900
  5. HW22- 1999
  6. MC72 PRO 2499

T55 Smartwatch

T500 Plus

W26 Smartwatch

W26 Plus

You can Read more about this watch here : W26 Plus Smartwatch Review

W26 Pro

T55 Plus

HW22 Smartwatch

MC 72 Pro Smartwatch

HW 12 Smartwatch

MC 72 Smartwatch

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