Samsung Galaxy Fold – Review

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The Galaxy Fold is a mobile phone which elicits emotions that are mixed.

On the camera hand, there is the large wonder as well as the excitement of holding the very first foldable phone individuals are able to purchase – as well as seeing it change from a 4.6-inch handset to a 7.3-inch tablet and back once again.

The excitement remains if you see an app that is running on the front display immediately pop up on the bigger display, and once you begin running 3 apps at one time on the larger canvas.

The additional emotion is trepidation. Although Samsung has made a few enhancements to create the Galaxy Fold much more long-lasting because it delayed the device’s launch returned in April, the business strongly suggests you use a gentle touch when pressing on the screen.

Then there is the psychological sticker shock when you understand that this particular cell phone costs almost $2,000.

As I utilized the Galaxy Fold for more than 7 days, I vacillated in between all these feelings? and kept coming back again to an individual question: Who’s the Galaxy Fold created for?

The solution is actually: Very brave and extremely well off early adopters that are ready to live with a solution that can feel just like a refined prototype.


Starting Price: $1,980
OS: Android 9.9 with One UI
CPU: Snapdragon 855
Storage: 512GB External screen (closed): 4.6 in (HD)
Main display: 7.3 in (QXGA)
Rear cameras: 12 MP wide angle (f/1.5 to f/2.4); 12 MP telephoto (f/2.4); 16 MP ultra wide (f/2.2)
Front cam (closed): 10 MP selfie (f/2.2)
Front camera () that is open: 10 MP selfie (f/2.2); 8 MP RGB depth (f/1.9)
Fingerprint sensor: Bixby button
Colors: Space Silver, Cosmos Black
Battery: 4,380 mAh
Battery Life: 10:01 Size: 6.3 x 2.5 x 0.66 in (62.9 x 160.9 x 17mm)
Weight: 9.48 ounces

Fold at a Glance

  • Samsung makes a number of durability enhancements to the Galaxy Fold, which includes extending the best display, including hats to the hinges, as well as placing a metal level beneath the display screen.
  • The 7.3-inch screen is quite immersive and allows you to run 3 apps on the screen at a time, however, the forward 4.6-inch display is pretty small.
  • When folded, the Galaxy Fold is significantly thicker compared to some other phones, which means it is best stored in a coat pocket or perhaps a purse.
  • The Fold includes Galaxy Fold Premier Service, giving you access to 24/7 committed support for the unit. You are able to pick from telephone, in-person visits or video chat.
  • The Galaxy Fold lasted ten hours and one second on the Tom’s Guide web surfing battery test. That is about an hour under the Galaxy Note ten Plus, though you will save power by utilizing the front display for small things like checking notifications.
  • AT&T is actually the sole carrier that is actually promoting the Galaxy Fold immediately, though you are able to also purchase it unlocked. And that is not a terrible idea; the AT&T edition comes with a lot of bloatware.
  • A Galaxy Fold case is available in the package to further protect the unit, in addition to a pair of wireless Galaxy Buds.

Galaxy Fold price

The Galaxy Fold went available for sale by using Best Buy and AT&T on Sept. twenty-seven, and also through

The Fold is among the priciest phones ever. It will cost you $1,980 within the U.S. as well as 1,800 within the U.K. (?2,000, $2,214), or perhaps about double the price tag of almost all premium flagships.

(For context, the Galaxy S10 Plus starts off at $999, and also you are able to buy a unit with 1TB of storage space as well as 12GB of RAM for $1,599.

The iPhone eleven Pro Max with 512GB of storage space expenses $1,449. Essentially, you are spending roughly a $380 to $530 premium with the Fold’s potential to fold.

For people scoring in the home, the Fold will set you back sixty-six dollars per month, at a minimum in case you pay off the phone of yours in thirty weeks utilizing 1 of AT&T’s Next blueprints.

Sadly, we do not anticipate the Galaxy Fold being 1 of numerous Black Friday deals or maybe Cyber Monday Deals for smartphones, but Samsung can just amaze us.

Galaxy Fold layout Even though this’s the second go-around of mine using the Galaxy Fold, there is still a genuine Wow factor to this particular unit.

Because of a complex, 20 part, dual-axis hinge, you are able to open this particular clamshell the same as a manual, changing the Fold from telephone to tablet mode.

The movement is relatively smooth and natural; I will confess I experienced a little such as a secret agent as I utilized the Fold within the public, surfing the internet or even seeing a video and after that closing the entire item in place just before I walked at a distance.

Though I additionally felt nervous that somebody could attempt to take the unit from me.

It is well worth noting that the primary screen is actually clear plastic, not Gorilla Glass, just like the external covering display.

Though Samsung has fortified the bigger board by putting a metal level below the screen.

When closed, the Galaxy Fold thinks as a throwback telephone, along with a chunky body at that.

It is very high and narrow, as well as 0.66 inches thick. That is approximately double the thickness on the Galaxy S10 as well as iPhone eleven Pro Max.

This size wasn’t ideal for that front pocket of the pants of mine; it is a much better match for a blazer pocket or maybe a purse.

The Galaxy Fold weighs in at a hefty 9.5 ounces when compared to 7.97 ounces for your iPhone eleven Pro Max as well as 6.9 ounces for your Galaxy Note ten Plus.

And I experienced this weight strain the hands of mine and forearms a little when playing games for over ten minutes with time; but in case you are watching a film or maybe a TV show, you are able to lean the Fold on the lap of yours.

I am not really an admirer on the Galaxy Fold’s switch layout: Samsung made the decision to sort the power button as well as the fingerprint reader on the proper advantage of the Galaxy Fold.

It will have made much more sense to blend them, which would’ve allowed subscribers to power on as well as unlock for one fluid motion.

Rather, the fingerprint sensor doubles when the Bixby switch, that you are able to program to open various other apps, also.

Although it is much less protected, I wound up making use of skin recognition to unlock the Fold since it is simply faster.

The unit comes in 2 style options: Space Silver as well as Cosmos Black.

That is a bummer, due to the fact Samsung was going to provide funkier colors as Astro Blue & Martian Green through its website before it redesigned the telephone.

The other essential thing to note is the fact that the Fold does not enjoy a headphone jack, but this is not a great offer because Samsung consists of wireless Galaxy Buds within the package.

Galaxy Fold durability

Samsung makes a few alterations to the Galaxy Fold’s style to deal with durability concerns.

Top screen extended: Some evaluators unintentionally eliminated this protective level, for that reason today it goes all of the right ways to the edge; customers are a lot less prone to inadvertently hurt the unit.

Hinges today have hats on them: This action must protect against debris from getting found behind the display screen.

Samsung narrowed the gap involving the 2 sides: There is still a little room for material for getting within the Fold when closed, though it has enhanced.

Metal layer included under the display: This raises rigidity and also makes touch interactions feel far better.

All of those tweaks add up to a collapsible which can feel much better to a $2,000 telephone.

Closing the telephone continues to carry a reassuring clap, such as a manual, as well as the hinge system, which feels fairly smooth.

Nevertheless, Samsung continues to treats this as a completely different category of the phone with regards to just how it needs you to manage it.

The company cautions you to use a gentle touch when touching the 7.3-inch screen as well as in order to keep the Fold totally free of dust and water.

A product user from TechCrunch reported which his Galaxy Fold was harmed after 1 day of usage.

The middle of the display started to be pixelated using a blob, though the purpose isn’t clear. So far, we haven’t encountered problems with the review unit of ours.

Samsung promises that the Galaxy Fold is able to withstand 200,000 opens.

Galaxy Fold displays: Ginormous and tiny It is better to consider the front side screen on the Galaxy Fold as being an at-a-glance display for brief interactions.

That is since it is simply 4.6 inches, and that is Lilliputian compared to even probably the best little phones (typically 5.5 in as well as up). Because the display is narrow, it is also hard to kind on.

During my evaluating, I utilized the front side screen perhaps 15% of the moment, that provided checking out Gmail (but not responding), reading through a news story with a single hand while on the subway, as well as altering the path on Spotify.

Anything much more made me think I needed the larger display.

The interior 7.3-inch screen is exactly where the real action is actually – an extra-large Super Active Matrix organic and natural light-emitting diode (AMOLED) fabric that is colorful and sharp but with a few of trade-offs.

On the positive side, I actually enjoyed seeing the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer; it actually felt as I was making use of a tablet. I can also access and modify articles inside our site’s CMS due to how broad the screen is actually.

This’s one thing I cannot do as effortlessly on the 6-inch-plus-size screens on the Galaxy Note ten and iPhone eleven Pro Max.

Galaxy Fold display

During 1 commute home, I viewed The Boys on the Prime Video app plus sensed as I’d a small video theater before the eyes of mine.

If you would rather not have huge bars above & below the display you are able to decide on which apps go full display within the Settings app.

Nevertheless, the crease inside the center of the Fold’s screen is actually apparent if you use apps with a white history, for example, Gmail and Chrome.

It is not terrible, simply distracting. And you are able to feel the crease when you are using different apps.

The best part would be that the crease is not as apparent when viewing head-on films, anything or photos with plenty of styles.

On our evaluating, the Galaxy Fold’s screen averaged 525 nits of brightness, and that isn’t as excellent as the Galaxy Note ten Plus (686 nits) as well as thin air close to as excellent as the iPhone eleven Pro Max (761 nits).

The OLED board on the Fold of this color gamut registered 124.8 % of sRGB color gamut within the Natural method, and that is about the just like the Galaxy Note ten Plus along with a little higher compared to the iPhone eleven Pro Max (118.6 %).

The notch in the best corner of the display is able to cut off movies should you choose to view in full-screen mode; you are able to conceal this notch by flipping on an alternative inside Software, but this simply creates a black bar throughout the roof of the display screen.

The bigger problem of mine using the Fold’s notch is you cannot swipe down from the proper side of the display to reveal the notifications of yours as well as quick settings.

Rather, I’d like to shift my finger to the center of the display. Nevertheless, you are able to also make use of the fingerprint sensor to open up as well as shut the notification shade with a brush down and up.

Galaxy Fold application: App continuity and 3 apps at once To create the best value of its collapsible design, Samsung been effective with Google to develop a few clever application features.

The first is actually App Continuity, which allows you to open up an app on the coverage display than have the app quickly pack the bigger display whenever you unfold the phone.

Among the coolest capabilities of the Galaxy Fold is actually App Continuity. When you are utilizing an app such as Google Maps on the front side display, you are able to open the screen and it’ll immediately fill the bigger screen.

This element worked really effectively within my testing, with the majority of apps showing up instantly. But you are going to need to tweak a setting in case you would like a given app to continue operating on the small screen whenever you close the phone once again.

The additional neat feature is actually Multi-Active Window, that enables you to run as many as 3 apps at one time on the Galaxy Fold’s big display.

You brush in from the proper side of the display to open extra apps, and can certainly additionally effortlessly resize the apps and walk them around with the finger of yours.

A good selection of third-party apps already helps support this multitasking mode, for example, Spotify and Slack, though I recognized that Skype doesn’t.

It is going to take time for even more designers to upgrade the software of theirs for foldable phones this way.

By default, the big screen keyboard provides a split format to speedup thumb entering on the big canvas, though I discovered myself changing to a typical layout since it thoughtless work.

Regardless of which model you pick, swipe typing is actually supported.

In the event that you are not really an admirer of carrier bloatware, I suggest you purchase the unlocked edition of the Galaxy Fold.

The AT&T design I reviewed had nineteen apps from AT&T and AT&T owned brands, which includes everything from Visual Voicemail and DriveMode to Bleacher Report as well as AT&T TV.

I’d choose a much cleaner canvas having a $2,000 smartphone and also I think Fold users would, also.

Galaxy Fold cameras – 6 lenses, as well as one huge viewfinder Having 6 cameras on a cell phone, seems like overkill, though it is not given the Fold’s design that is unique.

The same as the Galaxy S10 Plus as well as Galaxy Note ten, there are 3 shooters on the rear of the Galaxy Fold: a 12-megapixel wide-angle digital camera, a 16 MP ultra-wide lens and a 12 MP telephoto lens.

Upfront side? if the Fold is actually closed? there is a 10 MP digital camera for selfies. And when unfolded, the Galaxy Fold has one more 10 MP main camera in addition to an 8 MP level camera for portraits.

Shooting with the Fold shut feels borderline sneaky since it is extremely compact.

You simply double media the power button and begin firing away. It is especially great for selfies because you do not have to extend your thumb much whatsoever to shoot.

The trouble is actually the 4.6-inch screen is fairly little for framing shots; I discovered myself using the bigger 7.3-inch panel when I needed to make certain which I liked what I was recording.

Surprisingly, I did not find a recording with a tablet size display before my face embarrassing, and that is probably a result of the little bezels across the display screen. Nevertheless, in this particular model, it’s a two-handed affair.

The Galaxy Fold is actually effective at supplying beautiful photographs with saturated hue and an incredible volume of information, as evidenced by this particular flower close up.

The rich purple actually stands out through, as well as the veins within the petals are well identified.

Galaxy Fold (zoom lens)

I additionally had fun actively playing with the many lenses inside Times Square.

The standard wide-angle camera captured the range symptoms with crisp information, and I can very easily make out information on the symptoms as I zoomed within.

The wide-angle shot resulted in an obvious fish eye impact toward the edges, though it got a great deal really the surrounding structures into the frame.

Just like the Galaxy S10 as well as Galaxy Note ten, the Galaxy Fold includes artistic brand new Live Focus modes, which includes spin bokeh, zoom bokeh as well as style print.

I particularly love the latter choice, as it colorizes the primary issue while leaving everything better black and white.

Nevertheless, the Fold fell level in contrast to the iPhone eleven Pro Max in this particular portrait of my 2 colleagues, Kate and Henry.

The camera washed out each on the subjects’ faces & made Henry’s denim seem like pants.

Adam Ismail, that reviews a lot of cell phones for Tom’s Guide, believed in the Fold’s photo which Kate and Henry looked as they required medical attention.

You are able to also make out far more consistency as well as information within Kate’s shirt on the iPhone eleven Pro Max’s photo.

The Galaxy Fold also provides a specific Night mode, that I place up against the Night method of the iPhone eleven Pro Max.

When I snapped a picture exterior around 7:30 p.m. in nearly total darkness, the Fold created a brighter reputation, as you are able to make out far more of the tree inside the foreground.

The iPhone eleven Pro Max’s shot has much more of an orange cast to it, particularly in the block, it’s picture additionally offers much better contrast in the bricks as well as much better detail.

The front side digital camera on the Galaxy Fold is able to take sharp selfies. There is a considerable amount of information here in the hair of mine and in the folds within the shirt of mine.

Galaxy Fold video clip The Galaxy Fold is an extremely capable phone with regards to shooting video.

It is able to capture video around 4K at up to sixty frames per second. And the unit is able to record very steady videos whenever you press the hand icon within the digital camera app.

In our footage photo approach Bryant Park, the Galaxy Fold maintained stead as I walked, though the camera had some difficulty with the brilliant sunshine, as a few faces looked cleaned out.

Nevertheless, the water fountain looked really strong, and also the Fold did a great job rendering the surrounding structures when I activated the ultra-wide camera.

When I engaged the telephoto lens on the Fold to take a close by Le Pain Quotidien, I can make out little information such as the Pick Up Here indication.

Galaxy Fold performance Given that this Galaxy Fold has the identical Snapdragon 855 processor while the Galaxy S10 and also Note ten line of phones, it is not really a surprise that it provides similar performance.

The primary difference is actually the whopping 12GB of RAM bundled in the Fold, that did appear to support juggle having several apps open on display at one time. I did not notice a lot of lag as I ran 3 apps simultaneously.

On Geekbench five, a fairly recent benchmark which measures general functionality, the Galaxy Fold scored 728 on the single-core component of the check and 2,619 on the multi-core portion.

The Galaxy Note ten Plus scored 736 as well as 2,691 respectively, and that is practically identical, even though the OnePlus 7T scored a somewhat greater 744 and 2,802.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max blew at bay the area with a single core mark of 1,334 and a multi-core score of 3,517. We will be running extra tests throughout the time of ours with the unit.

In order to evaluate graphics overall performance on the Galaxy Fold, we ran GFXBench; the telephone spun inside a score 1,038 frames on the high tier variant belonging to the Aztec Ruins Vulkan check (offscreen). The iPhone eleven Pro max notched a greater selection? 1,657 frames.

Galaxy Fold battery life, as well as Wireless PowerShare With a 4,380 mAh battery pack, the Galaxy Fold, has really good staying power given the huge display of its, but several other cell phones last greater the time on a fee.

On Tom’s Guide electric battery check, which requires continuous web surfing more than 4G LTE (we employed AT&T’s network) from 150 nits of display screen brightness, the Galaxy Fold’s electric battery continued ten hours and one second.

This runtime is really good when you see we used the larger 7.3-inch display for the whole length of this particular test. (We are going to be retesting exactly where we make use of the smaller forward screen for just 1/4 of this time.) By comparability, the Galaxy Note ten Plus continued a typical of 11:09 on the test of ours, and the iPhone eleven Pro Max averaged 11:54.

MORE: Smartphones with probably the Longest Battery Life

On one day with intermittent use, which provided snapping pictures, streaming music, observing checking email and video clips, the telephone still had 60% capacity remaining at 9:15 p.m; I’d unplugged the telephone at 6:30 a.m.

On one day when I utilized the Galaxy Fold much more much, which included watching 2 complete TV attacks on Netflix, the Fold was lowered by to 25 % come 9 p.m. That is still more when compared to a whole day’s worth of stamina.

Galaxy Fold Galaxy Buds

I enjoyed being in a position to fire upwards the Wireless PowerShare function on the Galaxy Fold, which enables you to charge accessories and phones other by only putting them on the rear of the Samsung handset.

This contains the wireless Galaxy Buds, whose Samsung throws within because of the $1,980 value.

Bottom Line

The Galaxy Fold feels like a cell phone from the long term, and nevertheless, from a practical view, it falls a little short.

When I was making use of Slack in a single window, Gmail in an additional and Spotify in still another on the 7.3-inch screen, I can see myself utilizing my laptop less and a unit this way far more.

I also enjoyed being in a position to discuss and modify huge scanned documents on the go. And it is only great to close the entire thing up when you are prepared for the walkway.

But that does not mean you need to invest $2,000 of your own money of yours.

Even in case, you set aside the lingering durability worries across the Galaxy Fold, I locate the general style bulky and heavy, as well as the front screen, is simply too little.

Even though the cameras are actually sound, the iPhone eleven Pro has leaped forward with its better HDR as well as night mode.

And so almost as I value what Samsung has achieved with this first-generation foldable phone, I’d recommend that the majority of folks hang on because of the sequel and for many other foldable to reach the market before they consider the foldable plunge.

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