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The iPhone eight is below, as well as, it is more or perhaps less precisely what you would count on a brand new iPhone to be.

Apple has improved the digital camera, tweaked the layout, as well as extended the electric battery life, also introducing some genuinely helpful brand new features.

There is also an iPhone eight Plus, which is a strong successor to the iPhone 7 Plus. Check out our iPhone 8 Plus review.

But 2017 is actually a specific year for Apple, it is the 10th anniversary of the very first iPhone, therefore we had been hoping they would do something a bit specific, and, fortunately, they did.

In order to celebrate ten yrs, Apple likewise announced the iPhone X, which drives the boundaries of phone style and appears to the future with an impressive feature set.

Obviously, the imminent iPhone X does overshadow the iPhone eight somewhat.

Though the X is actually pricey, and never suited to every person, therefore the iPhone eight positions itself as the basic level directly into Apple’s flagship span.


The iPhone eight methods 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm. That is fractionally bigger compared to the iPhone seven, though it ought to nonetheless fit inside an iPhone seven case.

It carries over the 4.7-inch display screen (more on this later).

This truly puts the iPhone eight inside a league of its to promote, as there aren’t any Android flagships with such a compact display.

The size helps it be a pleasure to hold as well as make use of one-handed, which may be the killer justification to purchase the iPhone eight over anything else.

Obviously, you do not get the bezel-less displays that the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as the iPhone X offer. Which can make the iPhone eight feel a bit more dated compared to its competitors.

As we have previously stated, the iPhone 8’s style is not a great departure from the iPhone six and seven aesthetic.

That is not always a bad thing, they are good looking phones.

The aluminum unibody design continues to be replaced by a cup returned (evoking the spirit of iconic iPhone four).

This enables wireless charging and also must improve the wireless functionality (that’s what some other makers as HTC have reported inside the past).

The cup back feels great, though, not really as premium as the almost ceramic metal case.

It’s a grippy covering which makes it feel much more safe in the hands compared to other glass-backed phones. This’s also aided by the additional pounds, 148g vs 138g on the iPhone seven.

We reviewed the gray and bronze version, which does not show some fingerprints, and we have additionally been making use of it without a situation and have not noticed some scratches yet.

The camera lens nonetheless protrudes from the back casing.

The same as the iPhone seven there is no headphone port. It is some time to leap on board the wireless train.

The stereo speakers are today louder. It is a distinct enhancement ove their prior iPhones, but don’t have a bass for suitable music listening. They do build a pleasingly large soundstage.

The iPhone eight is actually water-resistant, with exactly the same IP67 rating. Which means it should endure in one meter of h20 for up to thirty minutes.

And last but not least on style – Apple has transformed the colorways available. The iPhone eight will come in Silver, Gold, as well as Black.

The Gold is actually the standout here. It is much truer to genuine rose gold as opposed to the pink of Apple’s classic rose gold. The outdated iPhone Rose Gold is currently discontinued.


The iPhone eight features a 4.7 inch 750 x 1334 IPS LCD screen that has a pixel density of 326 PPI.

That is the exact same amount of pixels since the iPhone seven (and the 3-year-old iPhone six).

That is very astonishing, as we had been wanting a bump in resolution thinking about several more rivals, today pack QHD display screens (570 PPI with the Samsung Galaxy S8).

In case you keep them together edge by edge the distinction is actually obvious, but in truth, you will not be dissatisfied through the iPhone 8’s resolution – it is plenty sharp enough.

What Apple has concentrated on boosting is actually the brightness as well as color representation.

Apple has put True Tone know-how to the display. This monitors the ambient lighting around the handset, as well as calibrates the display to best it under your present lighting conditions.

This was primarily observed in the iPad Pro.

It results in beautiful contrast and bold colors, without looking over-processed, like several competitors.


The iPhone eight comes packing Apple’s speedy and new A11 Bionic Hexa core (that’s 6 cores) processor.

It is probably the most effective processor Apple has at any time set in an iPhone.

Now day-to-day it is hard to see this increase in energy.

Tearing through various apps, watching the video, playing music, and checking emails are actually many uninterrupted by way of the hardware (as is actually normal for a brand new phone).

What is super great is how instantly apps are actually prepared when multitasking between many tasks, but that is a thing iPhones have always been great at.

Where the extra processing power will truly become obvious happens when running the more rigorous apps (which employ AR Kit, for example).

Ideally, it will also remain fast for a lot more, as well.

Apple also simplified storage choices, right now the iPhone eight will come with 64GB, or perhaps 256GB.

Apple reported the iPhone 8’s electric battery life was similar to the iPhone seven, though we discovered it performed really well, far exceeding the expectations of ours.

Clearly, we are not speaking a two-day battery life here, though we discovered it perfectly lasted one day with mixed-use.

We have also got 2 new methods to charge the iPhone eight – quickly and wirelessly (and of course, those mutually exclusive).

The new glass-backed design signifies that you are able to set the iPhone eight down during a wireless charging pad & it will immediately begin sucking up the juice.

It is the universal’ Qi’ standard format also, which means you will not have to have a unique Apple wireless charger because of this to the office.

it is a nice touch and handy, but in the second It is quite slow. We discovered it really beneficial on a recent road excursion which a Qi-enabled automobile, however.

In addition, onboard is quick charging, though you will have to purchase an extra USB C to Lightning cable and quick charger to unlock that.


Ah, the digital camera – today this’s exactly where it gets interesting.

In the newspaper, the iPhone 8’s digital camera appears unchanged from the iPhone seven.

You get the twelve-megapixel f/1.8 lens set up because you did with the prior model, though this season the sensor is actually much larger and the program smarter.

The effect is a huge improvement, with the digital camera today capable of taking several incredible shots with detail that is great and contrast.

it has still not really as dependable when the trusty Google Pixel or maybe HTC U11, though It is narrowed the gap considerably.

It is still a shame you cannot get Apple’s twin camera process on the reduced phone since I always feel as I am missing Optical Zoom and Portrait Mode.

The 7MP front-facing digital camera is actually great, as well as the 4K video clip at 60fps.


The iPhone eight is a great smartphone. The electric battery life is actually good, the digital camera improved, and the inclusion of wireless charging provides convenience.

We love the glass-backed look also, as well as, because of the small screen it has probably the most ergonomic phones we have previously owned.

There is one X shaped problem.

The iPhone eight is actually overshadowed by the more enjoyable, much more costly brother, and in case you are searching for probably the latest, greatest iPhone actually released, you are likely to be interested in the iPhone X.

Obviously, the iPhone eight is significantly cheaper compared to the £999 iPhone X, originating within £699. And that is exactly where the problem of ours with the iPhone eight lies, it is right now the’ cheap’ iPhone…

iPhone eight SPECS

Dimensions: 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm

Display: 4.7 in, 750 x 1334 pixels pixels

Processor: Apple A11 Bionic / 2GB RAM

Storage: 64 / 256GB

Battery: 1821 mAh

Camera: 12MP sensor, f/1.8, OIS, quad-LED (dual tone) flash


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