Echo Input – Upgrade your speaker to a smart speaker

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Echo Input brings Alexa to your speaker, and makes it a smart speaker that can stream music hands-free.; Can hear you from across the room — even when music is playing.; Stream music hands-free from Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, Gaana, Hungama Music, Radio City Gold and more on your connected...

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Having Echo dot in wish list, purchasing Echo Input was one shot decision to take considering its 1.5k cheaper & have full Alexa capabilities except speaker.As soon as I saw it on Amazon, I ordered it. But soon i realized that there are certain things to be taken care of if we get this device instead of Echo Dot on offer.I will try to list down pros & cons to make you decide wisely on its purchase.•••••••••••••••INSIDE BOX•••••••••••••••1. Echo Input2. Power adapter (5W)3. Micro USB cable4. 3.5mm AUX cable (1m)5. Quick Start Guide•••••••••••••••••••ABOUT DEVICE•••••••••••••••••••▶ Dimensions: 14x80x80 mm▶ Weight: 79 g▶ WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Dual band 2.4 and 5 GHz (adhoc/peer to peer not supported)▶ BT: A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile & AVRCP Audio/Video Remote Control Profile. ( BT speakers with PIN and BT calling/messaging is not supported. BT not supported when using multi room music)▶ TOP: One led & two backlit buttons (one for alexa & one for mic on/off)▶ LATERAL: AUX in, Micro USB in•••••••PROS•••••••▶ Slim profile device with small form factor. So unobstrusive.▶ You can impart smartness to any speaker or home theatre system.▶ Alexa automation at bare minimum cost▶ Micro USB port for power in. Carry it anywhere, use it even inside car as micro USB is handy.▶ 3.5mm Aux cable provided in default package▶ Privacy covered with Mic off button▶ Sensitive mic▶ Skill set to add further smartness to already smart Alexa. Just think of scenario & you will find skill for that. eg smart home, ted talks, food ordering, music, news, to-dos, cab booking, story telling etc•••••••CONS•••••••▶ COST: Yes cost in con too. Let me explain. Echo dot in general is available for 4499 while Input for 2999. Now thing is, many a times during sales Dot is offered for as low as 2999. So why not get a dot at same price if we have to shell out full 2999. Yes if Input is offered at discount say for 2k then it may be a good deal.▶ ASSISTANT WITHOUT INBUILT SPEAKER: Having a smart assistant without in built speaker may not be a good idea. Say your BT speaker goes to standby, or you mistakenly switched off your speaker etc. It would just blink its led & you may even miss your important meeting, as alarm wont sound. At this point Echo Dot seems a good choice as if on means its fully functional. While Echo input always needs a company. So if portability is a concern, go for Dot or others.▶ NO BATTERY: Continuous power required, but so is with every device in series.▶ LOOKS: Echo Dot looks better with its cloth mesh around & led ring on top. But again Echo input was not meant to be shown off & supposed to be kept hidden somewhere, still listening to your commands.▶ AUX OUT IN ECHO DOT TOO: Just like Input, Echo Dot also have aux out, so you are always free to discard its in built speaker for your external HiFi system.▶ Limited port options, No RCA/Optical output▶ Limited search results compared to other brand voice assistant as other one have access to vast search results▶ LOW OUTPUT: Many users on & several reviewers (as was launched late in India) reported low output for line in, which was my sole purpose of getting this. Even after volume up to highest level in both echo input & speakers, output was slightly low. This is not a case with Echo dot.••••••••SETUP••••••••Its as easy as 1,2,3.▶ Download alexa app from store▶ Login using same account used to purchase device.▶ You will find device alread registered there.▶ Configure features, add skills & you are good to go.P.S. If its a gift, check box below "buy now" button to let Amazon know that its a gift. It will come unregistered or alternatively you can deregister device via alexa app before gifting.•••••••••••••••••••FINAL VERDICT•••••••••••••••••••So guys, these are some points to consider while making a purchase decision for Echo Input or Echo Dot. But in all, you get an awesome piece of hardware, which will act as great assistant.▶If under tight budget & you have spare Aux/BT speaker around waiting to adopt Alexa smartness do get it without any second thought.▶If you can extend budget, then better get Echo dot▶Echo devices are frequently on offer & soon Echo input will come under same umbrella. You can wait for that time to get either Input at discount or Dot at current Inputs price.▶Echo series is like, theres something for everyone. Input < Dot < Echo < Spot < Plus & then theres a Sub to accompany them all. Just fix your budget & get one.
 SUBSCRIBE US ON YOUTUBE / THE INVENTAR.In this video we will unbox and review theEcho Input - Upgrade your speaker to a smart speaker and see if it is worth it.Summary:Smart home AI is getting popular every day. And every manufacturer, from Google to Apple, are in the race of entering homes of consumers, promising to make their life easier. And with the same promise, Amazon also has their Echo line-up of home automation devices like Echo dot, echo sub, echo plus, etc. All these devices have their dedicated speakers. And there was no official device by them to add Alexa to our own music system or speaker. But now you can do that with Amazon Echo Input. This is a small device which looks like hockey pug and with this, you supercharge your speaker with Alexa assistant. You can also look at this device as Echo dot without a speaker. Now, this does have Bluetooth and wifi so you can connect effortlessly and if you are wondering about mic sensitivity, then this will work flawlessly up to 15 meters.If you enjoyed the content, please leave like and show your love. If you want more tech and science goodness, you can subscribe to the channel.Any Suggestion for us or anything you would like to see on our channel, comment down below, we give free hearts in our comment section. SUBSCRIBE US ON YOUTUBE / THE INVENTAR.
My poor Bose iPod Dock had been lying in a state of non-use for sometime. With this nifty gizmo, it has sprung back to life! I'm now re-discovering music I thought I'd long forgotten!!! Thanks Alexa, I love you!

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