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IFB is among the exceptional, local but world class premium brand. It’s the market leader within the front loaders segment occupying more than forty % of the marketplace. This number is actually humongous given that actually LG, the distant 2nd occupies roughly thirty two %. These stats speaks volumes about the existence this four decade old manufacturer has, in this particular segment.

Though started in 1974 as blanking component and engineering tools companies, but right now has a great presence within the consumer electronics market. Foraying into the washer part at the moment of economic liberalization of 1991, organization has come an extended way and then positioned itself as promote leader inside the front side loader segment.

Build quality of IFB laundering machine is actually superior. Industry experts reckon this’s because of its partnership with Siemens and Bosch at the moment when it chose to venture into the electric appliances segment.

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Key Washing Machine Technologies
Smart Loader to Smartly Manage The Laundry of yours
Large Gamut of Wash Styles Soothing Your Specialized Need
360° Wash
O2 Wash
Cradle Wash
Steam Wash
IFB Aqua Energie to Tackle as well as Treat Water that is Hard
Deep Cleaning with Bi axial Rotation 4D Swirl Jet along with Crescent Moon Drum
Triadic Pulsator
Convenient Washing With Laundry Add, Time Delay as well as Auto Load Balancing
All Around Protection with Voltage Protection, Auto Restart as well as Kid

Washing Machine Technologies

Smart Loader to Smartly Manage Your Laundry Smart Loaders are actually brand new category of cleaning machine which IFB thinks are actually India’s very first smart washing machine. It’s intelligent in the feeling that it manages the specific needs otherwise not likely with traditional washing machines.

For instance, it logically discerns greatly soiled school uniform that the kid of yours will have stained throughout the not too long ago concluded sports activities event to the near invisible stray string of the puppy’s hair style tucked inside the T-shirt of yours.


Smart loaders can also be equipped with smart technologies to avoid wasting electrical energy and thereby the hard-earned money of yours. Great part is actually that Smart Loaders includes four years of warranty. Not just this, it also includes ten years extra parts support promise.

Air bubble Wash

360° Wash 360° wash is actually achieved using an unconventional but fascinating water framework that spouts the bath in a 360° way inside the drum. IFB manifest ingenious engineering in which h20 in the clothes process is actually sprayed out straight by way of a nozzle on the garments below clothes, with the exclusively made drum circulating it for 360 degree motion. This wash guarantees that the loaded clothing are actually being equally soaked with detergent thoroughly penetrating to offer an immaculate wash.

O2 Wash

O2 wash is actually the technological feature by IFB wherein washer makes millions of air bubbles that goes heavy into the fabric to eliminate out the persistent dirt to make a thoroughly clean wash. Then for the duration of the rinse cycle via 3D wash process, the washer causes out all of the detergent off the garments so your washed out clothes comes out at all clean from the machine.

Cradle Wash

Groundbreaking washing models like 360° as well as O2 are quite valuable for giving stain free wash for heavily soiled big pile of clothes. But how about the fragile wears? Clearly, the solution is actually IFB’s Cradle clothes. Cradle clothes is exquisitely crafted for cleaning the delicate clothes as satins, silk etc, laces, stopping the detergent and the washer to get overly strong on them. Cradle wash therefore ensures the tender care such fragile garments deserve.

Steam Wash

In higher end IFB washing machine bath as well as steam styles a dynamic duo. A tiny proportion of water may be used to make a great deal of steam, which in turn expands to occupy much more volume. Steam wash can help in complementing the bath wash, by retaining the packed laundry very soft, wrinkle-free and gentle.

IFB Aqua Energie to Tackle as well as Treat Hard Water Hard drinking water issue is actually typical in several locations across India. Aside from the ill health effect that tough water causes, it’s also dangerous to the washer. It becomes hard to dissolve detergent in water that is hard if utilized in the washer. Additionally, white levels of residues get built up around the drum as well as the supply pipe, therefore choking them. In order to tackle this problem arising out of tough water IFB has developed Aqua Energie technology.

Main objective of Aqua Energie expertise is treating and convert water that is hard to smooth. Models equipped with this specific technology have a built in aqua filter which breaks down the bicarbonates to come down with water that is hard into minutely great crystals. Thanks to extremely small size of this created crystals, they’re very easily detached alongside the flow of drinking water.

As a result, this means it mitigates the danger of scale accumulating on vital machine parts and consequently becoming choked. This treated water additionally revives the usefulness of detergent for washing.

Deep Cleaning with Bi axial Rotation 4D Swirl Jet along with Crescent Moon Drum Premium IFB leading ton washing machine comes packed with different technologies that impart thorough and deep cleaning. First is the bi axial motion technology which initially would make the clothing rotate horizontally. Eventually, they’re vertically tumbled.

This guarantees “360 amount wash” of the placed laundry by providing all the clothing equal possibility for a wholesome clothes. Complimenting bi axial rotation there are four powerful water jets creates immaculate deeper cleaning.

Every day dirt possibly gets jammed deep in the fabric or even clings to the clothing because of to stickiness of oil as substances released by the skin of ours. This’s exactly where deep clean washing machines offered by IFB concerns rescue.

Modern IFB major load cleaning machines are available with soft scrub pads which lightly scrubs off these persistent soil debris making use of powerful swirl jets. These swirl jets working with the centre punch physical action carefully squeezes out the adamant soil particles outside of the dresses.

Drum of the the modern day IFB washing machine will come with crescent moon layout. Smooth crescent grooves on the surface area of the drum create a mild clothes cushion throughout the clothes cycle so your sanctity of this cloth’s cloth is actually preserved.

Triadic Pulsator

Though IFB is actually market leader within front loaders, it’s producing effort to cater audience preferring high loaders. In the last couple of years IFB has been producing top loader washing machine as well and impressing with its laundering overall performance in this particular kind of washers too.

Triadic Pulsator utilized in the latest top IFB washing machines stands out as the testimony of that. It’s smooth scrub pads for light removal of stains. Then the effective swirl 3D jet of h20 is actually triggered, which will help in dislodging dirt from each and every corner on the garments.

Convenient Washing With Laundry

Time Delay as well as Auto Load Balancing Front ton IFB cleaning machines are available with Laundry Add that allows you combine wash product in between the running laundry cycle providing you forget to put them earlier.

This also, without you seeking to hold out for the complete cycle to finish. In case you concerned if including clothes in between would disrupt the balance of the ton inside the washer, there’s Auto Balance feature which would right away healthy of the ton by redistribution of the washing elements.

Last but not least there’s a Time Delay option which enables you to put off the beginning of a clothes cycle as a the requirement of yours. You are able to personalize this particular delay time between thirty minutes to twenty four hours.

All Around Protection with Voltage Protection, Auto Restart as well as Kid Lock Modern IFB laundering machines are nicely built with safety technologies to shield you using the vagaries of voltage, perils of energy cuts, as well as impishness of toddlers.

Power outages is not new in India we all have or perhaps even worse do regularly face that. And when energy moves the washing machine options are usually reset to default, overriding the adjustments which had been in motion right before the powercut. But fortunately, modern-day IFB washing machines are available with a committed memory element that saves the wash cycle as well as related adjustments to ensure that your washer resumes once the energy comes back.


Also voltage fluctuations are actually a side impact of power cuts. Because when strength comes back there’s surge in the supplied energy that may be damaging to the life of big electric devices like washing machine. New IFB washing machines are actually screened with voltage protection technologies wherein an inbuilt wise micro controller pauses the washer once the supplied voltage is actually beyond the safe operating restrict and resumes the operation whenever the voltage level stabilizes.

One other good point about new IFB washers is actually they come with a kid Lock choice so that the playfulness of the toddler don’t mess the clothes machine’s setting.

things that are Good first. Among the noteworthy entity of IFB washer is its fast wash time when compared with other premium brands as LG. or Samsung Rapid wash function available in huge washers is fairly fast in finishing the cleaning. Additionally, some clever loaders provide a high speed variable frequency drive motors effective at clocking 1400 RPM that outshines its opposition.

Furthermore, it’s stuff adjustable; significance you are able to alter the pace of the engine to suit the needs of yours of laundry. Furthermore, the challenging water to gentle water conversion is great energy alternative for anyone residing in towns where supply water is generally hard.

Talking about the not as great products, IFB washer’s develop quality is not as premium as those provided by Whirlpool or LG. Though IFB is fairly dependable and strong manufacturer, it lacks revolutionary features provided by Lg or Samsung washers. For instance, to fight FlexWash by Twinwash or Samsung by LG there is not a physical option from IFB. Also, you may see a bit of concern with IFB products in some tier-3 or tier-2 cities as well as towns with IFB washers.


IFB, a company started throughout the Bengal’s communist routine has arrived a long way to be a dominant force within Indian washing machine business. It is a commendable attempt considering other Indian brands as Videocon, BPL and Godrej have failed to wow Indian market against the likes of international makes – Whirlpool, LG, Panasonic and so on.

IFB 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine White

With over 2 decades of experience in this particular segment, and preceding partnerships with reputed worldwide firms as Siemens and Bosch, IFB has some time and once again come out with things with strong build decent cleaning performance and quality at a sensible value. It is a shrewd Indian manufacturer, spending minimum on marketing and advertising of its products. IFB’s main brand attraction has been primarily thanks to word-of-mouth publicity as well as repeat purchases by the buyers.

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